Exclusive Brick Loot Build Mr. Cool Brick-moji Emoji by Iain Heath - 100% LEGO Bricks

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Exclusive Brick Loot Build Mr. Cool Brick-moji by Iain Heath - 100% LEGO® Bricks


Do you speak emoji?

Do your texts contain more emojis than words?

Do you love LEGO bricks and all things emoji?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then Mr. Cool Brick-moji is for you!


The Exclusive Brick Loot Mr. Cool Brick-moji Build kit contains 92 LEGO pieces so you can create your own smiling sunglasses emoji!


Mr. Cool Brick-moji can sit on your desk or table, as a reminder to keep smiling - every day is a sunny day!


This is a perfect gift for all ages! It is also a great party favor, office grab bag gift, or stocking stuffer!


This Brick Loot Exclusive Build is made of 100% real LEGO bricks!

The Mr. Cool Brick-moji build kit includes 92 colorful LEGO pieces and Brick Loot Exclusive Build Instructions.


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