With the support of his parents, Parker Krex founded Brick Loot as a 9-year-old in 2013. Parker's passion for brick-building, his mind for innovation, and his eye for detail helped Brick Loot grow from its humble beginnings. Parker loves to share the Brick Loot story and inspire other emerging leaders to follow their dreams. Here are just a few featured articles about Parker and the journey of Brick Loot. To learn more about Brick Loot, please visit our About Us page. For press inquiries, please email us at


March 26, 2021

Whiz kid links LEGO passion with subscription-model business


March 3, 2021

Around Town visits Brick Loot

Ana Belaval from WGN Chicago visits Brick Loot in Deerfield, IL and speaks to CEO Parker Krex.


March 3, 2021

Disappointment sparks a booming business After getting a really bad

When Parker Krex of Glenview was 9 years old, he received a disappointing toy subscription box that contained a Captain America air freshener, a pair of socks and a DVD.

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February 15, 2021

The 16 Best Pop Culture Subscription Boxes – 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

About This Box: Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box for LEGO and Brick lovers that sends out mini-build kits, Minifigures, even accessories! It is the creation of (then) 9-year-old Parker Krex and his deep love of LEGOs. While not every product in the box is made by LEGO, the pieces are all compatible so you can build your own brick empire!


February 5, 2021

The 4 Best Lego Subscription Boxes of 2021

Best Overall: Brick Loot Brick Loot has become a massive hit in the Lego world ever since it began, with its young founder still personally testing out many of the items included in the boxes.


January 29, 2021


A dinner in the Krex household in Glenview typically doubles as a business meeting. All three family members—Parker Krex and his parents, Steve and Erin—have a stake in the Deerfield-based company Brick Loot, which offers subscription boxes and custom sets for LEGO fanatics and other toy brickbuilding enthusiasts.


December 19, 2020

Deerfield toy company Brick Loot donates 10k toys to foster care, homeless kids

Brick Loot in Deerfield will donate 10,000 toys to Fill a Heart 4 Kids, an organization that helps foster and homeless children in Illinois. The company specializes in toy subscription boxes. It began when the creator was nine years old.


December 6, 2020

8 of the best STEM and geeky subscription boxes for all your favorite people

As the parent of a LEGO fanatic, I’ll tell you that other LEGO fanatics will go bananas if you send them a monthly subscription to Brick Loot. Started seven years back by nine-year-old LEGO-lover Parker Krex, Brick Loot knows what other LEGO lovers want: More LEGO bricks and projects to build.


November 25, 2020

Celebrating the Subscription Industry’s Best: The 2020 SUBTA Cube Awards

Best Kid Box – Brick Loot


January 7, 2020

Deerfield Teen CEO Sponsors 300 Foster & Homeless Youth Gifts

"Parker Krex, 15, of Deerfield and CEO of Brick Loot, delivered holiday gifts to children living at Chicago's Lydia Home Association." - Margle Alpert


January 7, 2020

FORTY UNDER FORTY - Class of 2019

"Museums & More, Gift Shop, Gift Shop Pets and Stationery Trends are proud to present the gift industry’s superstars with the 40 Under 40 Awards. ...we’re paying homage to those under forty for their seemingly countless contributions to an industry we adore."

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October 28, 2019

Interview: Parker Krex from

"If you are a LEGO fan, chances are you are not hearing about Brick Loot for the first time. (In this article), Parker offers some sound advice to aspiring entrepreneurs." - Daniel Lo


August 29, 2019

Interview with Parker Krex

"Excited by his ambitious entrepreneurism, Kebloom reached out to Parker to ask him about his experiences." - Ellie McRae


May 8, 2019

These Subscription Boxes For Kids Will Provide Endless Hours of Entertainment

"If your kid loves brick-themed toys (think Legos, building blocks, and more), then sign up for a Brick Loot subscription box ($27 per month) ASAP." - Sarah Ahmed


May 3, 2019

10 Amazing Kid Entrepreneurs Who are Totally Ready for "Shark Tank"

"CertifiKID was featured on Shark Tank and made a deal with 'Mr. Wonderful,' Kevin O'Leary, in what some are calling the toughest negotiation in Shark Tank History! Now that we've had our time with the Sharks, we are celebrating National Lemonade Day on May 5th by spotlighting some young entrepreneurs who we think are totally ready for the Tank!" - Anna Wayne

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April 1, 2019

Interview with Parker Krex, Creator of Brick Loot

"Our latest featured Kidpreneurs is Parker Krex. We are so excited that Parker agreed to provide a video interview about his experience as a Kidpreneur and are thrilled to share it with all of you." - Adam Toran

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January 18, 2019

Brick Loot KID CEO Parker on Cincinnati Fox 19

Frank Marzullo interviewed Parker Krex for the Cincinnati Fox 19 Morning Xtra Segment. 9-year-old CEO turned his passion for LEGO into a big business. Now 14, Parker shares his passion for building, business, and fun!


December 14, 2018

Local teen CEO’s Brick Loot business continues to grow

"LESHOCK VALUE STORIES: Marcus Leshock first told you about Parker in 2016, so he thought he'd check back in with him. "Brick Loot" just moved into a brand new space." Watch his wonderful interview with Parker!


October 15, 2018

JEFF HYMAN TWEETS: Need your dose of #MondayMotivation?

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September 5, 2018

33 Chicago Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You

"The journey of any idea is a place where risk and opportunity are intertwined. These people built something they believe in and never gave up. They made an impact. ...and you can too." - Michael Gelphman


August 1, 2107

JUNIOR Design Awards: SILVER AWARD for best subscription box

Thank you, Junior, for selecting Brick Loot for the "Silver Award for Best Subscription Box!" We love what we do!


February 7, 2017

Strong Suit 096: How this 12-year-old CEO balances Work & Homework

"In nearly 100 podcast episodes, Parker Krex is my youngest guest ever. Believe it or not, a huge chunk of his customers are grownups. In this 20-minute interview, Parker reveals: How he came up with the idea / How he acquired 2,000 paid subscribers / How to be scrappy without outside capital / How to ace your classes while running a business." - Jeff Hyman

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October 31, 2016

Meet 12-Year-Old Brick Loot CEO Parker Krex

At nine-years-old most children are preoccupied with a number of distractions and interests. Being a grown up and having a job is the furthest thought from their minds—unless you’re Parker Krex. Parker, now 12-years-old is the CEO behind Brick Loot.


October 1, 2016

An Interview with Parker Krex of Brick Loot

In this interview with Startup Savant, Parker shares his entrepreneurial experience with his mom as his biggest cheerleader. He also shares his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs starting a business.


August 19, 2016

Meet the 12-year-old CEO running a local Lego-like subscription service

Fantasic MARCUS LESHOCK interview with Parker, Erin, and Steve, and a full tour of Brick Loot's new retail space.

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May 17, 2016

Two Kid CEOs both start companies at age 9

Check out 11 yr old CEO Parker Krex of Brick Loot and 16 yr old Greyson of Brick Stix. They love inspiring kids to dream big!

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February 29, 2016

WCIU "I Love My Job" - Parker & Erin

Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow interview Parker and Erin and tour the Brick Loot facility in WCIU's "I Love My Job" segment.

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December 10, 2015

Shout Out - Parker Krex, 11 year old CEO

"At 9, Parker Krex gave his parents an idea for a sort of LEGO-of-the-month business, they said. They followed through about a year later, founding Brick Loot and naming him CEO..." - Irv Leavitt

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February 29, 2016

11-year-old entrepreneur ‘building’ empire

"11-year-old Parker Krex is likely the youngest company CEO around. He started Brick Loot a little over a year ago after this huge Lego fan received a disappointing package in the mail..." - Marcus Leshock


August 28, 2015

[Interview] This Young Entrepreneur (an 11-year-old CEO!) will School You on Startups

"Interview with Parker Krex. Parker Krex is the CEO of BrickLoot. He also has 2 hours of homework tonight. Find out how this young entrepreneur balances it all, how he came up with the idea, and how he already has 1,500 paid subscribers." - Jeff Hyman


July 8, 2015

Don't call them 'Legos' and other lessons from 10-year old Brick Loot CEO

"Brick Loot's custom LEGO subscription boxes have racked up $250,000 in sales in just six months. Founder and CEO Parker Krex has been featured in magazines and has been asked for his autograph..." - Wendy Donahue


June 28, 2015

Meet a 10-year-old suburban CEO

"When Parker Krex founded Glenview-based Brick Loot, he knew his market well. Fans of Legos and other toy brick products can be selective..." Anna Marie Kukec


June 27, 2015

Q&A With Chicago's Next Big Thing

"Parker Krex isn't waiting years to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up. The 10-year-old Chicago native is already CEO of his own company, Brick Loot..." - Christa Reed


June 1, 2015

5 Teens & Tweens Doing Extraordinary Things: PARKER KREX

"Subscription kits are all the rage. But, until now, there hasn't been one targeted at children who love to build with LEGOs. That all changed when Parker Krex decided to create a subscription “brick” toy kit called Brick Loot that supplies kids with new building block toys like Legos on a regular basis. The catch? Krex is only 10 years old." - Jenny Muslin


May 2015

Ten-Year-Old LEGO Lover Builds Brick Loot

" 'It just makes me happy.' That’s how Parker Krex described the feeling he gets when building with LEGO. The fifth grader, who lives in suburban Chicago with his parents Erin and Steve, said he has been building ever since he can remember. Parker’s passion for LEGO has led to building something a lot bigger than a LEGO set." - Jackie Pilossoph


January 26, 2015

Glenview 10-year-old is CEO of own company

"At the age of 10, Glenview's Parker Krex has already accomplished what many strive for throughout their entire professional careers. Krex is the CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer - of Brick Loot, a company that delivers building blocks to customers of all ages through a monthly subscription. 'He's coming up, at least once a week, with a new company idea,' Erin said. 'He's super creative and he's always eager to find new ways to make something happen.' " - Alex Mayster

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January 19, 2015

Young Chicago Boy Creates His Own LEGO Business

Chicago's Youngest CEO, Parker Krex, and his mom, Erin, were interviewed on Fox Chicago News.


January 11, 2015

CEO Parker Krex interviewed on radio station WLS 890 AM


January 8, 2014

This 9-year-old Lego enthusiast is quite possibly the area's youngest CEO

"Nine-year-old Glenview resident Parker Krex loves Legos so much, he had an idea: What if you could get a box every month with specialty building blocks inside? Parker decided to start the business himself, but he needed some investors, so he gave his parents, Steve and Erin Krex, a pitch in the style of the “Shark Tank” television series. They bit. And in December, the Krex family sent out the first Brick Loot packages to hundreds of subscribers around the country." - Robert Loerzel