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Brick Loot is a box subscription company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Our subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building. Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.


Our Story:
Brick Loot is the creation of 9 year old Parker Krex (now 15).  Parker has a deep love for LEGO and has accumulated a massive collection.  He has been playing with LEGO since the age of 3 and, by the age of 4, he started reviewing his sets on YouTube. Here, his true passion for sharing LEGO with the world began.

For Parker's 9th birthday he asked his parents for a geek/gamer subscription box. He wanted to see what all the hype was about as he had watched countless YouTube unboxing videos. The box happened to arrive while Parker and his mother were outside holding their yearly garage sale. This was Parker's favorite time of year as it gave him a chance to sell all his non-LEGO toys to fund his ever growing LEGO collection.

When Parker opened the subscription box all he found inside was a comic book, pair of socks and an air freshener. He was super disappointed as this was all useless stuff to him. He thought "Wouldn't it be awesome to get a box filled with custom LEGO kits every month." Parker and his mother looked at each other and the light bulb went off. Brick Loot's business plan was created in the garage over the course of the weekend. Parker then put together a "Shark Tank Type" pitch to get his father Steve as an investor. It worked!

With entrepreneurs for parents, Parker certainly has the gene to want to build something great. With supportive parents who also love LEGO, they were ready to make his dream a reality.

Over the past 4 years Parker has taken over more and more responsibility at Brick Loot. He loves finding new designers for our custom kits, searching for new products and of coarse testing all the items!

Parker appreciates all his customers and loves to receive the fan letters and notes that are sent to him! He loves your feedback as he wants to make Brick Loot the best it can be.

Parker Krex - CEO Erin Krex - President

Parker Krex - CEO / Chief Entertainment Officer

Erin Krex - President