You won't believe what happened at BrickworldMarch 16, 2016

Over 17,000 people came to Brickworld Indianapolis and Brick Loot sold out on Day 1! Brick Loot is so sorry to all our fans who came to see us on Sunday at Brickworld Indy. The show had over 17,000 attendees and we sold out of our Mystery Boxes on the first day! We are back at Brick Loot headquarters and as promised for 1 WEEK ONLY you can buy the Mystery Box online for the special show price $20 ($23.95 shipped to your door!). GET YOUR BOX TODAY!

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Benefits of LEGO for Children with AutismDecember 15, 2015

For children with autism and related disabilities, developing appropriate and functional play skills can be challenging. Finding toys and materials that foster the production of these skills is incredibly important. One great resource is LEGO! LEGO is popular across children and adolescents with varying interests and abilities, and can be utilized in a variety of ways to increase not only play skills, but a variety of other skills, as well. Importance of Play Functional play is an area that is foundational in a child’s growth and development. For children with autism, these play skills may not come naturally. Exposing children...

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