Brick-Loot-Great-Ball-Contraption-GBC-Balls-Soccer-Balls-100%-LEGO®-Compatible-Sold-in-packs-of-25-or-100 Brick-Loot-Great-Ball-Contraption-GBC-Balls-Soccer-Balls-100%-LEGO®-Compatible-Sold-in-packs-of-25-or-100

White Soccer Balls for LEGO GBC - Great Ball Contraption Balls - GBC Balls - 72824 x45

White Soccer Balls for LEG GBC - Great Ball Contraption Balls - GBC Balls


These high-quality 100% LEGO® compatible white soccer balls are PERFECT for LEGO® GBC builds!


After we made the Brick Loot Sports Fun Pack which included white soccer balls, many GBC displayers at Brickworld Chicago asked to try them out in their builds. They worked perfectly and are a fraction of the price. Due to high demand, we produced multi-packs of just soccer balls to help the GBC community!


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Never be without balls again:)


Material: Highest Quality ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 6 and up


Available in packages of 25 and 100 LEGO®-compatible white soccer balls


What is a Great Ball Contraption?

A Great Ball Contraption (GBC) is a machine which receives soccer balls or basketballs from one module and passes them to another module, rather like a bucket brigade. Modules built according to the GBC standard can be assembled into a collaborative display without pre-planning or modification. The GBC standard is minimal, permitting the builder great flexibility in designing the mechanism by which balls are moved from the input to the output. The otherwise pointless handling of balls, and the myriad ways this is accomplished, gives great ball contraptions the impression of a Rube Goldberg machine.”*

*“GBC Main Page.” The Great Ball Contraption Wiki,



Interested in building a Great Ball Contraption (GBC)?
Check out these instructions from Brickworlds 2019 GBC event:

Get your
quality Great Ball Contraption Balls (GBC Balls) today while they are still in stock!


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