Exclusive Brick Loot Build Pizza Genie 5000 – 100% LEGO Bricks

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Exclusive Brick Loot Build Pizza Genie – 100% LEGO® Bricks


Are you hungry?


Stop at the Pizza Genie 5000 for a steaming hot pizza or a candy bar from the Snack Genie!


This working innovative vending machine is fun to build and to play – pretend to pay and make your selection and you can actually dispense the pizza and candy bars in this machine!

This build even includes a storage area for the pieces in the back!


Add a Brick Loot Custom Pizza Genie 5000 to your LEGO brick city, zoo, or your home for the ultimate in convenience! Homer Simpson would love this in his home!


This Brick Loot Exclusive Build is fun to create and is made of 100% real LEGO bricks!

This kit includes:

  • 84 LEGO pieces, including LEGO pieces for pizza boxes and candy bars and stickers

  • Brick Loot Exclusive Build Instructions


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