Brick-Loot-Large-Titanic-brick-model Brick-Loot-Large-Titanic-brick-model-390-pieces Brick-Loot-Large-Titanic-brick-model-390-pieces

Large Titanic Ship - 390 Pieces

    Brick Loot Exclusive Large Titanic Ship – 390 Pieces




    Check our our new large Titanic ship build! This custom large Titanic brick set will please any history buff! This is a high quality, solid build with 390 pieces. It is durable enough to withstand any iceberg!


    The Titanic was one of the largest and most luxurious ships of its time. It had an expansive and ornate first class dining room, 4 elevators, and a swimming pool. The first class accommodations were desired by the rich and the second and third class accommodations were reported to be more comfortable than on other ships.


    This British passenger liner was thought to be unsinkable with its innovative safety features. Sadly, in April 1912, as the Titanic made its way from Southampton, England to New York City, it struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank. Over 1,500 passengers and crew lost their lives in this tragedy. The story of this famous cruise liner and what is known about the people aboard the ship has inspired books, musicals, and an award-winning movie in 1997.


    Now you can build your own large Titanic model and sail away… recreate the well known story or create your own adventure! With authentic details, the Brick Loot Titanic brick model is beautiful for display and strong enough for play.



    390 Pieces featuring movable rudder

    Dimensions; 12 ½ inches from bow to stern and 4 ¼ inches tall
    Material: ABS Plastic
    Recommended Ages: 6 and up


    Brick Loot building bricks are 100% LEGO Compatible



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