USB-2.0-Extension-Cable-Type-A-Male-to-Type-A-Female-Black-sold-by-Brick-Loot USB-2.0-Extension-Cable-Type-A-Male-to-Type-A-Female-White-sold-by-Brick-Loot

USB 2.0 Extension Cable – Type A-Male to Type A-Female – Black or White


USB 2.0 Extension Cable – Type A Male to Type A Female – Black or White


This 3-foot long extension cable is very handy to have and can be used to extend the length between your Brick Loot LED or LIGHT LINX kit and the power source or hubs! They may also be daisy chained to make a 6 foot cable.


Available in white or black.


You can also use this extension cable for other uses: data transfer, charging mobile devices, or powering other electronics. Always consult your product user manual before using with other electronics.


Do you need mini plug adapter cables or a USB power source?

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