TRY LIGHT LINX - Create Your Own LED String - works with LEGO bricks - by Brick Loot

We would love for you to TRY OUT our new LED Light System!

You get a 1x4 white LED plate WITH a single mini plug USB!

Need an LED string for a MOC, custom set or a set we have not designed a light kit for? We have an easy solution - LIGHT LINX! Now easily create your own LED string with Brick Loot's new ready to use DIY options. You pick the colors, you pick the type of brick or plate and you pick the number of lights you need.

Each LED string has a mini-plug that can be connected to another mini plug LED string. You can attached up to 50 LED lights per USB plug! Yes up to 50!!!

Make sure and check out the other "Create Your Own" LEDs strings to mix and match!