Brick-Loot-Exclusive-Speedway-Racer-Arcade-Set-100%-LEGO®-Compatible Brick-Loot-Original-Light-Kit-LED-Rotating-Round-Brick-USB

Speedway Racer Arcade


    Brick Loot Exclusive Speedway Racer Arcade set


    Speed through your favorite city and race past the competition!

    Watch out for road bricks (I mean road blocks) and have some serious fun at the arcade!


    This set is so fun to build and is the perfect addition to your brick arcade!

    Bring your minifig friends and race each other on the Speedway Racer.

    Who will win?


    FOR EXTRA FUN, add on a Flashing LED light kit on top of your arcade! It will flash and let the whole arcade know that you are the winner! (not included).  Just place the yellow brick on top of the arcade and plug the USB to a USB-powered 5V power supply or USB battery bank. 

    Made with top quality bricks! We KNOW you will be impressed.



    93 Pieces
    Material: ABS Plastic
    Recommended Ages: 6 and up

    LEGO® Compatible bricks


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    Do you need a USB power source or batteries?

    Brick Loot offers high quality, low cost batteries and a variety of options to power your custom light kit. Check out the  Brick Loot Power Page


    Brick Loot building bricks are 100% compatible with LEGO®

    and all major brands that sell toy bricks, building blocks, and base plates.


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