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Mini City - Music Shop


Mini City – Music Shop


Do you have a music fanatic? You can visit this store to find instruments, vinyl, and the latest artists performing at the Mini City Music Shop!


This is a great stand-alone set, a great gift for kids or adults, and the perfect addition to your brick city!



131 Pieces

Material: ABS Plastic

Recommended Ages: 6 and up


Brick Loot building bricks are 100% LEGO® Compatible


You can add your very own Exclusive Brick Loot Custom Minifigure Sir Elton HERE.


Looking to grow your Mini City? BUY 5 different Brick Loot sets for $38.88 HERE



Should you decide to use your Music Shop set for another purpose, it is compatible with all major brands that sell toy bricks, building blocks and base plates.


Brick Loot

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