Brick-Loot-Exclusive-Skyborg-3-in-1-fighter-plane-bot-set-100%-LEGO®-Compatible Brick-Loot-Exclusive-Rugged-Rigs-3-in-1-military-bot-set-100%-LEGO®-Compatible Brick-Loot-Exclusive-Armored-Beast-3-in-1-fighter-jet-bot-set-100%-LEGO®-Compatible

Mini Builds 3-in-1 Sets - Skyborg, Rugged Rigs, and Armored Beast

Brick Loot Exclusive Military Mini Builds 3-in-1 Sets - Skyborg, Rugged Rigs, and Armored Beast


You can take the enemy by surprise with your Brick Loot military! Transform the Skyborg fighter jet planes into a fighter bot, the Rugged Rig into three types of armored vehicles, or the Armored Beast fighter into a fighting hover craft or a fighter bot!

Includes instructions how to create three different builds from each set!


BUY ALL THREE and defeat the enemy on ground or on air all at once!

Made with top quality bricks! We KNOW you will be impressed.


Each set is a fun party favor or stocking stuffer!

Buy three for a discount and give them to your friends!



Skyborg: 23 pieces

Rugged Rigs: 22 pieces

Armored Beast: 25 pieces
Material: ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 6 and up

LEGO® Compatible bricks


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Brick Loot building bricks are 100% compatible with LEGO®

and all major brands that sell toy bricks, building blocks, and base plates.


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