75 magic tricks for young magicians ultimate magic set for kids
75 magic tricks for young magicians
ultimate magic set for kids

JUMBO Box of Magic Tricks


JUMBO Box of Magic Tricks


Harry Houdini, David Blaine, Siegfried & Roy, and Penn & Teller are a few of the greatest magicians of all time. Each magician performed amazing tricks that amazed and surprised their audiences.


Do you want to be a famous magician and amaze your guests with tricks anad illusions?

Now you can host your own magic show!


This colorful box includes over 75 easy and spectacular magic tricks!


This set is ideal for beginners and kids of all ages*!


Includes a mysterious levitating wand trick, cards, fake thumb, cup beads, plastic coin, instruction sheet, and more!


This is a fantastic holiday or birthday gift!


  • Professional Deluxe Magic Trick Set - The Perfect Set!
  • With everything you need! Includes 75 Tricks that you can do with ease
  • High Quality, Simple step by step instructions and videos make it easy!
  • Includes: Magic Wand, The Disappearing Coin Cups and Balls Ball and Vase, Mind Reading Box, Money Tube, Two Card Monte, Penetrating Frame,
  • Recommended for all! Have fun with the Money Transformer, Thumb Tip, Coin Paddle, Spiked Coin, Vanishing Water, Crystal Coin Case, Magical Water Bottle, Snap It! Mysterious Levitating Wand, and so much more!


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*Not intended for children under 6 years of age.


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