Custom LEGO® Dreidel Kit – 100% LEGO Bricks


Custom LEGO Dreidel Kit – 100% LEGO Bricks


My dreidel's always playful. It loves to dance and spin.
A happy game of dreidel, come play now let's begin.
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, it loves to dance and spin.
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel. Come play now let's begin.”

Verse from “I Have A Little Dreidel” by Samuel S. Grossman

This custom kit allows you to build 4 different colorful LEGO dreidels, custom-designed to be simple to build and spin well.

Get ready for hours fun play with your family and friends – all you need to add is your own chocolate coins for a night of dreidel games! If you land on 'gimel' (ג), you win the pot!

You have the option to match the colors on the box or mix and match to create your own unique set!

Set includes:

100% NEW LEGO bricks: white, blue, green, and yellow

16 high quality die-cut black stickers on clear vinyl (4 per dreidel)

Professionally printed color instructions

Brick Loot

Dream – Build – Inspire