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Battle Tank

$1.99 $3.99

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Brick Loot Exclusive Minifgure Weapons 86 Pack 100% LEGO® Compatible

Minifigure Weapons MEGA Pack - 86 Weapons and Accessories (MEGA 86)

$8.88 $10.88

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Brick Loot GOLD MEGA Military Pack LEGO Compatible Minifigure Size Guns Weapons

Minifigure Weapons - GOLD MEGA Pack - 90 Weapons and Accessories


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Brick Loot Custom Exclusive Brick Forge Brick Loot Crate and Weapons Pack Limited Edition

Custom Exclusive BrickForge Brick Loot Crate and Weapons Pack - LIMITED EDITION


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Brick Loot USS Military Ship Brick Set with 145 pieces - compatible with LEGO and major brand brick sets

USS Brick Loot Ship

$8.88 $12.49

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Brick Bomber Set

$3.99 $6.99

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Brick Loot Exclusive Special Ops Custom Printed Minifigure LIMITED EDITION


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Brick Loot Exclusive Minifigure Sticker Decal Sheet - Modern Military Theme

$1.48 $4.99

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Mobile Missile Defense Military Truck


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Moc Bomber Military Plane 3-in-1 set

$3.89 $6.99

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WANGE 5006 The V-22 Osprey military aircraft. Sold by Brick Loot with and without the retail box.

WANGE 5006 The V22 Osprey


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Mini Builds 3-in-1 Sets - Skyborg, Rugged Rigs, and Armored Beast

From $2.88 $7.99

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Brick Loot Exclusive Set USS Fleming Submarine 100% LEGO Compatible Bricks - 193 pieces

USS Fleming Submarine


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WANGE 5005 - KJ-2000 AWACS

WANGE 5005 - KJ-2000 AWACS


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XINGBAO Military SA-3 GOA set XB-06004. Sold by Brick Loot with or without the box.

XINGBAO Military SA-3 GOA - XB-06004

From $78.88

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XINGBAO SA-2 Guideline Missile Launcher Tank. Sold by Brick Loot with or without the retail box.

XINGBAO Military SA-2 Guideline - XB-06003


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