LED Lighting kit for LEGO® Ferris Wheel 10247

LED Lighting kit for LEGO® Ferris Wheel 10247

LEGO® Ferris Wheel Lighting Kit   

Exclusive Light Kit for LEGO® Creator Ferris Wheel Set # 10247. This hand made light kit will make your LEGO Ferris Wheel literally come to life. Should you decide to use them for some other purpose these light up kits are compatible with LEGO and other major brand bricks and base plates.
The kit includes the battery case with taps. There are 2 strings of lights, one with Orange and Yellow that blink and flash. The second string flashes RGB (Red, Green and Blue). The extra 2 taps are to add additional lights if you feel the need :) See the video below for our Version #3 kit and how it was installed for display at BrickWorld. This is the exact kit listing for sale. 

LEGO set not included.