WANGE 6222 - Jiayu Pass Gansu China

WANGE 6222 - Jiayu Pass Gansu China

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Jiayu Pass is not only the western starting point of the Ming Great Wall, but also a vital pass on the ancient Silk Road. It's the joining place of the cultures of the Silk Road and the Great Wall (along with Dunhuang, which has some Han Dynasty Great Wall relics).

In the Ming Dynasty Jiayu Pass was a vital area for defense against attack from the northwest. The Great Wall was built across this Gobi Desert pass. Jiayu Pass gets its name "the First and Greatest Pass under Heaven" for its strategic, commanding position and grand presence.

• Material: environmentally friendly ABS
• Number of pieces: 1511

Recommended Ages: 10 and up

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Wange building bricks are 100% compatible with LEGO Bricks, Kre-O bricks and MEGA Bloks.

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