Brick-Loot-Exclusive-The-Aviator-Custom-LEGO-Minifigure Brick-Loot-Exclusive-The-Aviator-Custom-LEGO-Minifigure

Brick Loot Exclusive The Aviator Custom LEGO Minifigure LIMITED EDITION



Brick Loot Exclusive The Aviator Custom LEGO® Minifigure LIMITED EDITION




Do you dream of being a pilot?

You can fly your own plane and travel the world!

You could be a commercial jet pilot and fly passengers business and vacation destinations!

You could be a helicopter pilot and report the news, fly a medical helicopter, or take vacationers to visit exotic and remote locations!


You can imagine it all with your own Brick Loot Exclusive Aviator Custom LEGO Minifigure!


He is ready now for his next cross country flight!



Brand New

100% LEGO Elements

Custom Digital Printing by United Bricks



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