Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands
Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands
Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands
Baseplate-Bundle -8-pack-Brick-Loot-Custom-Double-Sided-Stackable-16x16-5"x5"-Baseplates-Gray-Green--Blue-Compatible-With-LEGO®-and-all-major-brick-brands

Baseplate Bundle - 8 pack of 16x16 - 5" x 5" Double Sided Stackable Base Plates

Baseplate Bundle - 8-pack of Brick Loot Custom Double-Sided Stackable 16 studs x 16 studs - 5" x 5" Baseplates (Base Plates) - Gray, Green, & Blue


You asked for the best and we made them!


The Brick Loot Baseplate story:

It took 11 tries and just about a full year to get the mold exactly right. Countless hours and dollars were put into making the very best compatible baseplates available. Your search is they are! :)


Our amazing brick building baseplates work with all major brick brands including LEGO®.


You will have hours and hours of fun when creating your brick and LEGO® worlds on our colorful and secure baseplates! They are also PERFECT for portable LEGO® building! Build and go!


Double-sided, STACKABLE baseplates are extra cool! You can build on both sides!

What can YOU create?



  • Compatible: Fully compatible with all major building block brands. Fits with all major brands including Mega Bloks®, Best-Lock®, LEGO® and more! Your bricks will fit tightly and will not pop off!

  • Color: The bundle includes the hottest colors - 3 Gray, 3 Green, & 2 Blue - to secure and create the foundation of your build!

  • Size: 16 studs x 16 studs / 5 inches x 5 inches

  • Strong and Durable: Custom-molded and made of 100% ABS plastic. Tested to withstand drops and bumps.

  • Best for DIY Projects: Make your own LEGO® table by attaching baseplates to a table or other flat surface to form a play area! Buy multiple sets to build bigger tables.

  • GUARANTEED tight fit!

  • Recommended Ages: 6 and up


*NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Due to the heavy weight, we are unable to ship this item internationally. If you are an international customer and would LOVE to purchase these, please contact us with your country and  quantity for an exact freight quotation for your approval.


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