Brick-Loot-Exclusive-Police-Helicopter-100%-LEGO®-compatible-bricks Brick-Loot-Exclusive-Police-Helicopter-with-optional-light-kit-installed Brick-Loot-Original-LED-Kit-Double-Blinking-Red-and-Blue-LEGO-Studs-with-2x3-battery-brick

Metro Police Helicopter

    Metro Police Helicopter


    Every LEGO® city needs a police helicopter!

    This amazing kit will make sure all your minifigures are safe and protected!


    For Maximum FUN - check the box above to add red and blue blinking lights to your helicopter (not included)!  Information about our easy-to-install LED kit can be found HERE



    71 Pieces
    Material: ABS Plastic
    Recommended Ages: 6 and up

    LEGO® Compatible bricks


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    Brick Loot building bricks are 100% compatible with LEGO®

    and all major brands that sell toy bricks, building blocks, and base plates.


    Brick Loot

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