Generic-High-Quality-GRAY-Plate-6x10-studs-100%-Compatible-with-LEGO®-and-other-major-brands-each-piece-sold-separately Generic-High-Quality-GRAY-Plate-6x10-studs-100%-Compatible-with-LEGO®-and-other-major-brands-each-piece-sold-separately

Generic High Quality 6x10 Grey Plate - 100% Compatible with LEGO and other major brands.

Generic High Quality GRAY Plate 6 studs x 10 studs - (Base Plates)100% Compatible with LEGO® and other major brands



LEGO Branded large plates are very hard to find in any type of quantity so we brought these in to fill a need. The quality of these generics is amazing and I think for the price, you will be quite thrilled!


People usually buy a few to try out and then come back for a bunch :)


Each plate sold individually.



Color: GREY

Size: 6 studs by 10 studs

100% Compatible with LEGO® and other major building block brands.

Recommended Ages: 6 and up


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