Brick-Loot-Custom-Brick-Set-Xerkbot-VI-Articulating-Robot Brick-Loot-Custom-Brick-Set-Xerkbot-VI-Articulating-Robot Brick-Loot-Custom-Brick-Set-Xerkbot-VI-Articulating-Robot-Light-Kit-Sold-Separately

Xerkbot VI 3 in 1 Articulating Robot

XERKBOT VI 3 in 1 Articulating Robot


Xerkbot VI is an incredible 3 in 1 articulating robot! 

He is flexible and ready to transform into two different animals before your eyes!


The secret is out…add this specialty Brick Loot lighting kit to give Xerkbot VI his super shooting fireball abilities! He will defend your city with everything that he has!



115 Pieces

Material: ABS Plastic

Recommended Ages: 6 and up


Brick Loot building bricks are 100% LEGO® Compatible


Brick Loot

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